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Laura Federici is an Italian visual artist and architect. She graduated from La Sapienza with a degree in Architecture. She is a professor at the IED - European Institute of Design in Rome, and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Frosinone, where she teaches Graphic Design. In the past 15 years, she has had solo exhibitions in Aleppo, Hanoi and Ho Chi Min City, Changzhou, Karachi, as well as in London, New York City, Paris, and in different Italian cities. She created 12 animated sequences for the film “Un Amore” by Gianluca Tavarelli, which won the N.I.C.E. - New Italian Cinema Events in New York in 2000.


Federici's body of work debates the reality of urban lives and the relationships that connect us to the environment. It shows how space affects our memories, creating a new language of shapes and colors. The blissful canvases effectively grip the minds. Objects shown in detail or close-ups become anchors to hold on to, in case we get caught in the everyday flow and fall ill with disorientation. They are rafts to get on to when the fluidity of things makes us all strangers with no space to occupy.



laura federici, artista, rom
Un luogo qualunque - Rai Arte - - Laura Federici
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