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Waiting for time to stand still, letting the days go by, embracing the space.

Beyond the window, spring surprised us, time has galloped without 'me' who experienced this perfume, those shadows, in my memory.

The villa, Villa Borghese, entered the walls of my studio, the image filled the experience, the memory transformed into a blue forest. Now the wood comes out, goes for a walk, inhabits a new space, it, a contracted experience, beyond the veil of discretion, goes to the city, from the suburbs to center, beyond the glass of a window, trapped again.


In this period, I have created works, brought traces of memories back, looking at spring, at the past springs,


Listening to its scent,

Memories of ultramarine shadows have come back to light,

I painted them, without thinking of anything else

it was nice.

_ 2019 Andrè gallery, Rome 


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