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Besides the Trajan's column and Piazza Venezia, one of the first images that I had impressed in my cornea is the Tangenziale; a flying ribbon that crosses the railway tracks and runs alongside the windows of the top floors of the houses, allowing the gaze of those who walk along it to spy on the lives of those who live there;

Intimacy violated in a dream.

I imagined this journey many and many times as if I were driving a spaceship.

The scent of this memory accompanies me over time, declined in different images, joining with the everyday emotions, merging with images of other places, creating different spaces.


Now it is a Vietnamese jungle, the botanical garden in Rome on the slopes of the Janiculum or that of Palermo; the ring road seems to become a vine among the palms of a tropical forest, a snake that twists itself in space conquered by nature.


Noise and traffic disappear, giving space to images of lonely and fresh lives. The city is forgotten.

_ 2019 Italian Cultural Institute of Krakow,



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