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Il mare ci vince

Collected under the title The sea wins us, Laura Federici presents a series of new works characterized by different languages ​​- large oil plates, videos, pictorial interventions on photography. United by a few chosen subjects, connected by a common thread that unfolds around the themes of time, movement, memory, which have always been central to the artist's poetics. The choice to reiterate almost obsessively some themes - figures of children, the sea, trees - appears symptomatic of Federici's research and peculiar technique which, moving in a border area between painting and mechanical recording of reality, gives life - on the wave of an incessant motion à rebours in the times of his own life - to a constellation of works that interact with each other in a continuous game of memory and visions layers.


"At the origin, there are, as always, photographs and videos with which Federici captures reality, holding it as a hostage". Storage of images from which to extract, after some time, those fragments, now blocked in frames, capable of illuminating forgotten inner landscapes, of activating the imagination, the mechanism of memory, and on which to begin to work incessantly, obsessively, on 'wave of a movement that, through painting, tries to recover sensuality, memories, sensations: splinters, simulacra, traces of reality to be found in color, through color, to arrive at an image that is, first of all, crystallization of inner emotion".

(from the presentation in the catalog by Francesca Lombardi)


“Once again Federici shows us that the media is no longer a limit, but a means that allows her to create without limitations of meaning, theme, or style. From the painting to the video and back to the painting. There is the child-protagonist again, composed by a body structure even more bewildered by the brush and chroma, compared to the previously mentioned video, as if to become iconic, metaphysical but not unreal, becoming the symbol of the regeneration of Laura Federici's painting".

(from the presentation in the catalog by Claudio Crescentini)


Text Francesca Lombardi PDF

Text Claudio Crescentini PDF



_ 2016

_ Andrè gallery, Rome

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