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“I know, telling painters that their canvases are cinematographic is like telling writers that their books are musical or to musicians that their work evoke smells or flavors. And yet I cannot say anything else about Laura Federici's work but that, as a director, I feel a great affinity between her work and what I do [...]".

(Daniele Luchetti)


"Laura Federici chooses insignificant moments, people, characters, streets or young people at the swimming pool, little girls playing, freeways, interchanges, some angles, certain places and certain moments ... It seems as if she is looking at the world and sending it back to the viewer imbued with an intensity all of her own, amplifying the carnal aspect or the blur, or even recomposing the interplay between full and empty, as the cinema does. It captures reality, recomposes it through editing, through the game of photography or narration".

(Daniele Luchetti)



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_ 2014

_ Brieve galleries, Mairie13 Paris (FR)

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