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muri socchiusi

"Regina Coeli" Prison, MACRO via Nizza, Department of Cultural Growth of Rome, Capitoline Superintendency for Cultural Heritage


The project, which began in March 2016 with a deadline of January 2017, overcomes the rigors of teaching and pedagogy. It places itself as a creative moment in the development of the multi-functionality of contemporary art and its applicability and conceptual openness in spaces generally understood as "closed" but which tend to the opening of infinite inner worlds of their "inhabitants".

The walls of the prison open, or are opened, to art and by art, with glimpses towards an "alien" reality of Regina Coeli but shared with the actions, creativity, and ingenuity of many prisoners present. In this way, art goes beyond the manual skill of creation itself and is carried out directly on the walls of Regina Coeli, together with the prisoners themselves, in "artistic sites" that will transform the structure of the House Circondariale Romana into a proper public space, playing between the institutional/closed focal structure and visual/open art. The project is carried out with different languages ​​and techniques, from the street iconism of Pax Paloscia to the expressive painting of Laura Federici and the multi-visual collage of Camelia Mirescu. The result is permanent works for the prison facility, large and of great visual impact, and a multimedia artistic product to be "exported" outside the prison walls. A video was made directly by the three artists in partnership with the prisoners who collaborated on the three internal artistic interventions, with original music and texts.

The goal of the project is to define through art and artistic cooperation, the visuality and creativity of Rome as seen from inside the prison, from inside "walls", through people who live the present by "dreaming" of a future "outside".

_ 2017

_ Macro via Nizza, Rome

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