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“HOME” is more than an art exhibition. It is an experimental journey through feelings and creativity celebrating the values of understanding, acceptance and integration which have always been at the core of the friendship between Italian and Vietnamese people.

"HOME" is also a colorful and joyful call to raise awareness on the need to protect the most important home given to all of us: the Earth. It is in line with the efforts that we are carrying out at local, regional and international level to put forward a shared agenda whose top priority is ensuring the sustainability of our growth.

Laura and Thuy. Two stories that intersect, intertwine in a context – the one of contemporary art - that is so reticent about every definition and schematization. Federici’s journey also includes exchange: a journey into the heart of another culture. A trip in which the encounter with Thuy, her home and creative universe, provided a welcoming support and a chance for sensitive conversations. Thus, in a process of gradual stripping of pre-packaged images, of exotic Orientalism, of representations with a literary matrix, Federici came to grips with Vietnam: Hue, the Mekong delta region, PhúQuốc Island, and the VườnquốcgiaTràmChim national park. Not just with the present, the cities, the strong signs that modernity always leaves on the body of an ancient country, but also its nature, light and landscapes.



PDF of the catalog


_ 2017

_ Fine Art Museum Ho Chi Chin City, Vietnam

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