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seduti al contrario

"To look at these pictures is like exploring landscapes that become states of mind. Sometimes her pine-flanked pathways darken as if frowning; other times they explode with light, as if representing endless mirth. The first time I saw Laura's works, what struck me the most was how she had portrayed my town, the place where I've always lived, showing me secret angles that I'd never seen although I'd always had them under my eyes. The city she showed me was different, as if flavored with an exotic perfume. I sensed a new beat in it, a different breath. Pulsing red. Laura works with motion (cinema, once again). She frames the world around her with a camera; she doesn't choose frames, she lets herself be pursued by them. Afterwards, she uses her shots as a mechanism to activate memory, as her pictures took shape from elements that need to be connected. [...] Everything has the same weight: it's an harmony of full and empty that fills the air with memories and vital energy, and what we are sure about is that, around here, the night will never fall".


Lea Mattarella




_ 2011

_ Affiche Gallery, Milan

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