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Km0 Kilometro Zero


Horizontal is the human gaze: in its natural position, the eye does not furrow the sky vertically, getting lost in deep space, but savors the width of the world simply by turning around. Thanks to the horizon, every point is the center of the earth, and thanks to the hedges, the mountains, every Leopardian obstacle, "which excludes the gaze from so much", you can be shipwrecked in the idea of ​​infinity.

Here we are, in the flat land that for Laura Federici is the center of the world: here she can get lost and find herself again, and if you turn on yourself and rest your eye on her canvases, as on a diorama, you can get lost too. There are bright pinks and Morlottian greens, there is an intense and definitive light of the landscape that surrounds and moves you. The pasty material depicts the physicality of the experience: we are not in the hyperuranium, we have our feet firmly fixed in the ground, yet we are elsewhere. Everywhere. Welcome to the center of the compass, you are the needle that indicates every possible direction.


Emily Dickinson dedicated these verses to time: replace the word "time" with "space", the result will not change.


"Time seems so vast

that, there was no eternal,

I fear this sphere

would deceive my finished being,


excluding the One whose rudiments

some space it gives us to prepare

to the stupendous breadth

of its diameters".


Gregorio Botta

_ 2012

_ Galleria the house of love and dissent, Rome

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