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Large paintings in which the themes that have always been present in Federici's works - tangles of leaves, plants, the water, its reflections - are renewed, influenced by the Vietnamese landscape, as well as - it would seem - inspired by the oriental artistic tradition. Images perhaps unwittingly sedimented in the memory that suddenly emerged. But it is perhaps in the works made in Rome, after her return, that the strength of that experience is even more evident. For the first time in her artistic career, Federici turned her gaze to the historic heart of Rome; the ruins of the Forums, the Baroque domes, Villa Borghese, and Piazza del Popolo. As if to regain possession of her identity, forgotten for a moment, vacillating, almost lost due to her journey to discover the other. Despite this, still keeping in mind - in the liquid color, in the drippings, in the tones of an alienated light - the memory of that elsewhere, of that encounter

Francesca Lombardi


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_ 2017

_ "Casa Italia" Hanoi, Vietnam

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