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per aprire gli occhi sulla cultura

29 ottobre 2014 ore 20-24


On the occasion of Bibliopride 2014 promoted by the Italian Libraries Association, roman bookshops participate in the annual event dedicated to books and culture.

Thirteen bookshops open to screen films, play music and read books.


Renato Nicolini, via Marino Mazzacurati 76


”New urban painting. Street art in the bookshop ”, is a pictorial intervention by the artist Laura Federici and Pax Paloscia, in collaboration with the Capitoline Superintendence.

The scheduled days will focus on the different aspects and problems related to the phenomenon of urban art, a phenomenon expressed in the streets, among people, and in institutional spaces, such as the museum and libraries, where art enters, through its colors, and shapes but also with its civil commitment or disengagement, as well as with social and cultural discomfort expressed in images. The goal is to give life to an annual appointment aimed at the analysis and monitoring of the Capitoline experiences in the field of urban art, through a comparison between scholars, artists, university experts, academic and cultural associations.


_ 2014

_ Nicolini Library, Rome

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